I design, build, and launch startups.
By builders, for builders
2013 — Present
I build startups at Expa. We combine design expertise, operational support, and capital to turn bold ideas into category-defining companies.
Air travel reimagined
Design Advisor
2018 — Present
Led original brand and experience design. Now advising team who is designing a smarter way for humans (and their pets) to travel in the post-COVID world. Aero is backed by Expa and Keyframe Capital.
Eco is not a bank
Design Advisor
2017 — Present
Led original brand design. Now advising team who is designing a better way for people to manage and grow their money. Eco is backed by A16Z and Founders Fund.
Explore Digital Art
2022 — Present
Enabling the creative community to succeed in the web3 spectrum.
Expand your mind
Design Advisor
2015 — Present
Designing a new mobile experience for people to expand their horizons beyond what they already know and like. Mix is backed by Expa and Garrett Camp.
Your trusted network for doing good
Design Advisor
2019 — Present
Led original brand and product design. Now advising team who is designing the most delightful way to give. Every.org is supported by Camp.org and The Gates Foundation.
What’s happening?
2008 — 2012
I was the first member of Twitter’s Design team. Worked on all aspects of product design, communications, and growth till we reached 200M MAUs.
The flexible workplace platform
Co-founder, Advisor
2013 — 2016
Designed the most elegant guest sign-in experience for the workplace. Envoy is backed by A16Z, Menlo Ventures, and others.
A better dining experience
Founding Designer
Led original brand and product design. Reserve built delightful experience for diners and robust tools for restaurant managers. Reserve was backed by Expa and Human Ventures.
Food for delivery by David Chang
Founding Designer
2016 — 2017
Led design for original brand, digital product, and recruited first designer and iOS engineer. Ando operated in NYC and was backed by Forerunner.
Your online personal shopper
Founding Designer
2014 — 2015
Led original brand and product design. Operator pioneered a new way for people to shop with personalized purchasing advice. Operator was backed by Greylock.
Find professionals you can trust
2016 — 2019
Led brand and product design. Designed a platform for independent service providers to get more clients. Prefer raised a Series A by Benchmark but failed to find market fit.