Hello, I’m Vítor (@vl)

I help startups go from 0 to 1

I’m Partner at Expa, a startup studio founded by Garrett Camp, co-founder of Uber. Expa has raised over $150m to support and fund new companies such as Aero, Eco, Metabase, Current, +50 others. I joined Expa’s founding team in 2013.

Prior to Expa, I was the first designer at Twitter. I was hired by @Ev in 2008 to work on Twitter’s first major redesign, and helped evolve the core product until late 2012. I left after having become the second longest tenured employee, helping Twitter scale to hundreds of millions of users.

I also co-founded and designed the original version of Envoy, the world-class visitor management system. Envoy raised $50m+ in venture capital from A16Z, Menlo Ventures, Initialized, and is used by thousands of companies including Tesla, Nike, and Slack. I switched to an advisory role post product-market fit.

I angel invest in startups that are aligned with my vision for the future, including Compound (DeFi), Mercurial (DeFi), Eco (Crypto), Spline (Design Tool), Journey (Psychedelic Therapy), SuperHi (Design Education), Aura (Consumer Hardware), HempGlobal (Climate Change), and Every.org (Philanthropy). I’m also a Limited Partner in Atlantico and Canary, venture funds focused in Brazil.

I’m dedicated to helping the next generation of builders. If you’re looking for advice in product design, branding, or are in the process of raising pre-seed/seed funding, please get in via email, Twitter or LinkedIn. I always enjoy connecting with founders, designers, engineers, and product thinkers.

Vítor (@vl)