Vítor is a partner at Expa, a startup studio that works with founders to create new products and services, and build teams to scale them as independent companies.

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Startup Studio

Oct ’16 — Current · Partner
Mar ’13 — Sep ’16 · Head of Design

Expa is a startup studio, a company that creates new companies. It was founded by Garrett Camp, co-founder of Uber, to work with proven founders to develop and launch new companies. After 10 years designing and building consumer services, the Expa team has identified many techniques that help create successful companies. Vítor currently leads design, product, branding, and prototyping efforts for multiple stealth companies. Expa raised $150M to invest between $500,000 and $2M in new startups.



Modern visitor registration

Jan ’14 — Jan ’16 · Advisor
Jan ’13 — Jan ’14 · Co-founder

Envoy is the new standard for visitor registration. It brings security, efficiency and elegance to corporate front desks and lobbies. Customers include Tesla, Airbnb, Uber, Pinterest, Yahoo!, Medium, GoPro, and many of others. Vítor co-founded the company and headed up design and product efforts during its early days. Envoy raised a $15M Series A round from Andreessen Horowitz and a $35M Series B from Menlo Ventures and Initialized Capital.



What’s Happening?

Apr ’08 — Dec ’12 · Designer

Vítor joined Twitter as their first Designer in 2008, when the company had only 15 employees. He had the opportunity to work alongside founders while leading Twitter’s first major redesign in 2008. During the subsequent period of 4.5 years, he helped simplify and evolve the Twitter product into what it is today. Vítor left Twitter in December of 2012, after having become the second longest tenured employee at the company. TWTR's market cap stood at $24.5B on its first trading day at NYSE.



Latin America

Aug ’08 — Dec ’08 · Designer

As a consultant, Vítor designed products for Yahoo’s Innovation Cell in Latin America. Using lean agile principles, his team built a series of consumer products in the publishing market. Meme, a lightweight blogging tool, went from an idea to live product in less than 3 months. In addition to Latin America, it ended up being released in five additional fast-growing emerging markets.



Latin America

Aug ’06 — Aug ’08 · Designer

Globo Corporation is the largest media conglomerate in Latin America and among the biggest in the world. Vítor brought social and web 2.0 initiatives to the company by developing Facebook and OpenSocial applications. Vítor designed and helped build the GloboEsporte.com Orkut app, which in December ’08 achieved over 1.5 million active users.



Design Studio

Jan ’00 — Aug ’06 · Founder & Designer

Vítor started his own design studio in Brazil at the age of 12. As a freelancer, he had the opportunity to work with local and international clients, including 280 North and Huge Inc.

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